What Is to Come

TypetheBible.com will soon (pending support and motivation of all involved, and as the Lord provides) be your go-to place for a very specific flavor of Bible study. We envision a text editor in which you will be able to type the entire text of the Holy Bible, including all of your notes and cross references. My personal belief (and I know this will be effective for myself) is that the activity of typing every word of God's Word will reinforce and magnify it's imprinting into one's mind in ways more powerful than simply reading it!
The Motivation
Thirty-five years ago, I bought a new Bible and began to read it in earnest for the first time. When I decided to get serious about reading the Bible, I went out and paid good money for a high-quality leather bound NIV. I loved my bible. I cherished it. I was careful not to use a pen for underlining or highlighting that would bleed through the page. I therefore used only pencil for underlining and writing notes in the margin. 
Over the years, the pencil marks tended to smudge and smear, the edges of the pages became worn, and  the binding eventually began to fail. I found myself saddened by the prospect of having to retire my old friend. Once I replaced it, how would I ever get all of my treasured notes and annotations into my new copy? TypetheBible.com is my solution to this problem. Now I can enter my annotations into a digital copy, and then reprint sections as required. 
As a further bonus, I will be able to print my Bible out in a format that allows extra space on the page for new notes to be written. Plus, I can use pencil or pen, scratch out errors, etc. without worrying about "ruining" my bible with smudges, ink blots, or ugly handwriting. It's a win-win, as I can reproduce a pristine copy on demand. I can even print a second copy for a friend.