What if You were to Type the Whole Bible?

What if...?

What if you typed the entire text of the Old and New Testaments... yourself... actually transcribed every word of it?

Wouldn't that be cool? To be able to say (mostly just to yourself), "I've typed that. I remember typing that verse..." I don't know about you, but I just think that would be cool! To be that conversant with the Word of God, to be that intimately familiar with it. It's kind of a proof to yourself that you've not only read all of it, but that every single word—every jot and tittle—has crossed your consciousness at one time. Well... here's where you can do just that.

Okay, yes, you could do this on your own. You don't need this website to do this. But we're here to help, to make it a bit easier, and a bit more fun and interesting. If we are able to bring this website to it's envisioned fruition, you will be able to include all of your personal notes and study references within your text, for instance.

We believe that God's Word should not only be accessible to every living person. It should furthermore be studied, criticized, debated, analyzed, and loved by all. God's Word is unlike any other literary work in all human history, as it can withstand (and has withstood) the test of time, the scrutiny of all skeptics, the critical review of the greatest human minds on the planet. Shouldn't you join those ranks? Who of the greatest critics of the Bible can honestly claim that they have physical proof of the fact that they have read and considered every single word of it? Few, Me Thinks! But now you can make that claim!

Think about that.