Welcome to TypeTheBible.com

We, the authors and developers of this website, believe that a good exercise in Bible study is to actually recite every word of it. I also know this about myself, that over my own twenty-seven years of deliberate Bible study, I have memorized very little of it.  This is the result of two factors:

  1. I don't enjoy memorization, and I'm not naturally good at it. As a result, my efforts have historically been less than stellar.

What Is to Come

TypetheBible.com will soon (pending support and motivation of all involved, and as the Lord provides) be your go-to place for a very specific flavor of Bible study. We envision a text editor in which you will be able to type the entire text of the Holy Bible, including all of your notes and cross references.

* Developers Needed *

This is a call to all programmers/developers who are interested in contributing to this project. TypeTheBible.com needs your talents and expertise!

Some background info:

TypeTheBible.com is and shall remain a Drupal-based website. Therefore, developers should have a good working understanding of how Drupal works. Drupal is an open source platform which is natively written in PHP, using (in our case) a MySQL database. 

About Us

TypeTheBible.com is a private venture, owned wholly by Cross Section Solutions, a sole proprietorship located in Southern Oregon, USA. Cross Section Solutions exists for one main purpose:

Our Purpose: To provide material support for ongoing activities of other groups and organizations who are engaged in the work of Jesus Christ, and the furtherance of the kingdom of God. Our Values: